Mission: Possible

18 Sep

Hello everyone!

This is my second online computer/internet course that I have taken during my Master’s courses.  I really enjoy learning about new web tools etc. that I can use in my classroom with my students.  What I especially enjoy about these classes is that I can see what other people are doing so that I can be inspired by them and learning about new tools that I did not know about before.  From my first impression of this course I know that this will be another opportunity for me to be inspired and learn from others.  I love that I can do things for my students through this courses that I probably would do anyways but add the next dimension of having advice, suggestions and ideas from others.  That makes the resources that I create for them so much stronger.

My mission for this course is to create a space for my students to access and create information for their learning.  In my school, we have three grade 7/8 classes and over the course of the year we will be combining the classes in different ways for working in groups.  I wanted to create a space where all three classes could access information, links and instructions for their assignments  as well as a place where they can post their learning and collaborate, so I created the Senior Eagles Wiki.  Right now it is only in it’s beginning stages with very little information but I have big plans for it! What I would like to do is create a space where myself and my two 7/8 co-teachers as well as all the students have a space where we can collaborate from anywhere on everything that we do this year. I hope that through this class I can develop this space, create a place for student collaboration and class information and encourage my students to use it (which I think will be my biggest challenge).  I really want going to Senior Eagles to be as common for my students as walking into our physical classroom.  I hope and think that this class will help me to make this a strong resource and I look forward to developing it through this semester. Even just writing this blog has got my wheels with ideas for using the space… Mission on the way to being accomplished!


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